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There are many types of dance, but tap is the only one where dancers are encouraged to make noise. With special formed aluminum plates (or “taps”) affixed to their shoes, tappers shuffle and riff to the rhythms of music.

From the Civil War to the musical brooms and trash cans used in STOMP, tap dancing has had a long and complicated history. Here you can find resources relating to everything from the history of tap dancing, steps and terms in tap, as well as articles and links relevant to the tap community.

For dancers, parents, and performing arts lovers alike, immerse yourself in the time step, soft shoe, and the works of Bill Robinson. Learn the difference between flaps, slaps, stamps and stomps in the easy to read pages.

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Tap Facts
Quick facts about different aspects of tap dance
Tap Dances
An overview of different tap dances that have influenced modern tap dancing
Tap Dance Articles
Articles about tap dance from dancers, teachers, parents, and more!
Fitness for Tap Dancers
Fitness articles relating specifically to the issues tap dancers care most about
Tips for Tap Shoes
Tips and tricks to common problems with tap shoes.
Dance Quotes
A compiling of popular and lesser known dance quotes
Your Tap Community
The tap community has pulled together to provide this resource for your knowledge and entertainment.
People of Tap
Biographies of the people of tap who made a big noise in the world.
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A table of contents of the articles for about-tap-dance.com
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