Down She Goes

by Sheryl

I have been attending the adult tap classes with my local studio for a few years now. One day I suddenly realized I wasn't the most beginner student in the room and it made me feel a little cocky. I wasn't so overwhelmed anymore when the instructor rattled off the combination we'd be working on and could actually pick it up rather quick compared to the other students.

When we split into groups I decided to take a moment to do a little improv and clicked off a line flap steps. Though it's not a hard step it makes enough clicks that the newer students are overly impressed. This backfired on me, however, when I slipped and fell smack on my bottom! I landed with an equally impressive thud that chattered my teeth together. It wasn't enough that most of the other students, and instructor, laughed at the ridiculousness of my situation, but it turned out I had bruised my tailbone with my antics!

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Sep 09, 2011
Pride commeth before the fall?
by: Anonymous

What's the line? Pride commeth before the fall? Sorry to hear that you were hurt, but I could just picture the whole scene in my head and had a good chuckle about it!

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