Fitness for Tap Dancers

Tap dancers are a unique breed. One moment they will be doing the smallest, most precise movements, making more sounds than it seems physically possible to do. The next moment, they are as wild and free as any modern or jazz dancer beating a rhythm that you can’t resist dancing to.

With this wide range of motion, tap dancers need a unique fitness plan that targets their specific needs. These needs include an emphasis strength and agility, especially in ankle, calf, knee joints and muscles. Lower body muscles need to be in tiptop shape to be able to sustain the beating tapping forces on the body. Along with important general health issues, each of these topics will be addressed.

Learn about healthy eating tips, not just how to lose weight for the weekend you’ll be wearing that midriff baring shirt. Find out that WHEN you eat is as important as WHAT you eat. It’s not enough to just look great for a weekend and then be so burned out on a diet all you can think about is that bear claw. Learn how to revamp the entire way you view food and drink.

Tappers also need to be constantly in tune with what’s going on in their bodies, more specifically, their feet. If there’s a toe out of place, it can make or break a performance. Caring for your feet can prevent many avoidable injuries that could potentially leave you out of sync. Read about stretches, the power of message, and when it’s better to rest than to push through an irritation.

Though is not run by doctors (not an M.D. anywhere in sight actually!), articles are based in experience, which is then backed by scientific research. Before starting any exercise regiment or diet, consult your doctor.

Current fitness articles for tap dancers include:

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