What do YOU want to know about tap dance?

Like speech or art, tap dance can trace its influences from around the globe. However, its exact origins can only guessed. Tap is thought to have derived from Irish step-dancing and an African dance called the Juba. With plenty of (maybe not so nice) mocking of each other, two branches of tap evolved. Precision "Broadway" tap was made popular in shows such as 42nd Street and emphasizes the dance side of tap. Rhythm "Jazz" tap emphasizes rhythms within the music and became popular with jazz music.

From the Civil War to the musical brooms and trash cans used in STOMP, tap dancing has had a long and complicated history. Learn how tap went from a form of racial mocking to being celebrated every May 25th as National Tap Day. Here you can find resources relating to everything from the history of tap dancing, steps and terms in tap, as well as articles and links relevant to the tap community.

There is so much to know about tap dance! From the people who’ve left their mark to the industry’s constant evolution, get to know tap's past to understand its future. With an integrated network of influences, from jazz to hip hop, tap reinvents itself so there is always something new to learn.

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