Are your tap shoes too big?

It happens every year. Parents buy their child new tap shoes for the recital at the end of the year during holiday sales. But when the show actually gets close, they realize those shoes that they bought months ago are still a half size too big for their kid to wear properly.

While having a pair of shoes to grow into is always good when looking ahead, it rarely ever works out the way we want it to. Wearing tap shoes that are the wrong size is like asking for trouble. Shoes that fit improperly leads to a host of problems such as blisters, sloppy tap sounds, and (not uncommonly) a lost shoe while performing.

If a shoe is slightly large (no more than a half size) there is a simple solution. 1) Put an insole (or maybe two) in the sole of the shoe. 2) Place mole-skin or another cushion into the heel of the of the shoe. Both should be easy enough to find at your local supermarket (worst case scenario; a shoe store). While neither solution is intended for long term use, it may be just enough to get you through that one performance!

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