How to change the color of your tap shoes!

It happens at the end of each dance year. Just as the pressure is building to make sure all your costumes are ready for the recital at the end of the year, you realize your tap shoes are the wrong color! Somewhere in the thick of things, you either forgot or didn’t get the memo. Now it’s too late to order a new pair that’s the right color. Freak out? Never!

Step #1- Make a trip to your local supermarket/hardware store

Step #2- Find the spray paint of the color your shoes need to be. You may need to borrow a shoe that is the right color to get the right shade.

Step # 3- Fill your shoes with newspaper balls (like the filling that comes in shoes). You don’t want to spray paint the inside of the shoe if possible as this will make them fit differently.

Step #4- In short bursts, spray your shoes until completely covered.

Step #5- Repeat Step #4 as many times as needed. Remember, it is better to do many light coats to get an even look than to do too few coats and get an uneven look.

Step #6- Enjoy!

Keep in mind that your tap shoes will fit tighter after you have added paint or other exterior decorations.

Painting your shoes can give you a completely different look within minutes for less money than buying new. When it gets close to show time, it will be one less thing for your to worry about!

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