Fasten your tap shoes with elastic!

For many dancers, using a tap shoe with an elastic tie is an ordinary occurrence. The shoes are bought, and elastic is added to keep your foot from slipping out. Not really a big deal! However, every year I see mothers sitting in the lobby of my dance studio sewing the elastic into perfect rings on their child’s shoes. This might not be a hard task to complete, but there is an even easier way to complete it. Tie the elastic in place! It’s quicker and easier, and if your one of the millions of people that doesn’t sew, it’s a godsend.

Step #1- Have your child put their shoes on.

Step #2- Insert 1/8 inch thick elastic into place.

Step #3- Tie the elastic off where it fits comfortably

Step #4- Cut off the excess.

It’s that simple! No more taking even a few minutes trying to sew perfect ringlets. This method will result in a knot on the top of your child’s foot. Rotate the knot under the lace loop. When you’re standing close up to inspect it, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference. Using the “30 foot rule” (the rule that says if you can’t see it from 30 feet, don’t worry about it) you won’t be able to tell ANY difference!

There are so many things to do in a day. Even a few extra minutes can be a relief!

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