Are your tap shoes too small?

So you have to use your tap shoes (or your child’s shoes) for that last show before summer break. The problem? They’re getting too small!

What should you do? If you keep wearing them you’ll get blisters for sure. If you buy new shoes now, chances are you’ll need to buy new ones before classes start again in the fall.

Option #1- Borrow someone else’s tap shoes- If you have a friend willing to let you borrow a pair of shoes for the rest of the year, count your lucky stars. This will save you not only the time and money of buying new shoes, but also the time and energy it takes to break in a new pair.

Option #2- Use a shoe horn (a butter knife works just as well) - Take a deep breath and cram that foot into that shoe! If you’re really worried about squeezing that last use out of your shoes you can probably get by for that last show. However, weigh the benefits against the risks of wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit properly. You take the risk of injuring your feet, ankles, and back if your having to compensate your natural step.

Option #3- JUST BUY THE SHOES!- This isn’t a life threatening decision! Even if you do end up needing new shoes in the fall, you probably know somebody that’s willing to buy a pair of barely used shoes at the right price. How much is your comfort and safety worth to you?

So what will you do? Ultimately, it’s your decision. Only you can decide if the discomfort is enough to warrant a new pair of shoes or if arrangements need to be made for a new pair of shoes. Whatever happens, good luck on that last performance and have a great summer (oh wait, that summer intensive starts in two weeks? Maybe you should buy that new pair of shoes)!

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