When in doubt...just do buffaloes

by Ashley

I took dance lessons starting in elementary school. In my studio, it was common to give free performances throughout the community. We performed for different festivals, at senior centers, benefit dinners, and more. The idea was to get us comfortable in front of audiences while promoting the studio, plus, the group I was with was just plain fun to be around!

During middle school, I started adding more and more activities to my schedule. It became harder and harder to put in the time needed to keep up in my dance classes. We went to one of these performances which happened to be at a nursing home. Though I had missed class during the week the others in my group taught me the corrections before we performed.

The music started up and we all began to dance. As we came to the section that was changed I completely forgot the rest of the dance! All I could think of to do were buffaloes! For nearly a full minute I buffaloed my heart out while the rest of my group gave me odd looks out of the corners of their eyes.

One of the old women in the front row loudly whispered to one of the nurses, "Why is that one doing something different?" The nurse said,"Maybe she's doing a special part." The old women just puckered her lips obviously disagreeing.

More than ten years later and I still remember it like it just happened!

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